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Financial Elder Abuse

Attorney Handling Financial Elder Abuse Cases

The financial victimization of the elderly is a sadly growing enterprise. Financial elder abuse and financial scams can come from an unethical businessperson or a family member. At MC Hall & Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law in San Francisco, California, we represent the rights of the elderly against shady business dealings and work to hold the responsible party or parties accountable.

Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly

With baby boomers accounting for more of a growing elderly population, elder abuse is on the rise. Predatory loan brokers contact the elderly to coerce them into shady mortgage agreements. They may deliberately mislead them into signing the documents. Within a short amount of time, their longtime family home is in foreclosure. At MC Hall and Associates, we help to stop the foreclosure proceedings and seek recovery of any damages.

Scams that involve supposed home improvements are a common form of financial elder abuse. Door-to-door "home improvement professionals" may promises to re-side a house or re-shingle a roof. Whether the work is necessary or unnecessary, the motivation of the scam artist is to leave with money and not perform any services. Supposed "charities" will often call seniors to secure a "donation." The financial scams are endless and new ones are created every day. That necessitates legal representation to hold those individuals and companies accountable.

Family Members Committing Elder Abuse

Elder financial abuse is particularly sad when family members are involved. When a close relative steals money, possessions, or real estate from an elderly relative, the case take on an emotional competent. Sometimes, those cases can be resolved within the family. Other times, we represent the elderly person in bringing necessary litigation against a relative.

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