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Commercial Leases

Experienced San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Lawyers

M C Hall & Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, has been representing commercial landlords and tenants in commercial leasing and other real estate transactions for more than 25 years.

Attorney Michael C. Hall is a highly experienced real estate lawyer with a particular focus on commercial leasing. He has lectured other attorneys and real estate professionals about drafting commercial leases in continuing professional education presentations across the Bay Area.

To schedule an appointment about a commercial lease or another commercial real estate matter, contact us by e-mail or at 415-512-9865.

Commercial Lease Negotiation

While reviewing the lease, we will identify and communicate specific issues. We will strip away the legalese and convey the problems clearly. From there, we can negotiate on your behalf and work with the property owner's lawyers.

In addition, we can negotiate, mediate or litigate any disputes that may arise after the documents are signed. Whether problems arise over the length of the lease or building use matters, we will represent your best interest.

Commercial Lease Drafting

Drafting a California commercial lease involves more than just having the accurate name and address, start and ending dates, and rent and deposit information. There are specific matters that need to be addressed. We will review these matters with you and make sure you understand them completely before drafting your commercial lease.

Commercial Lease Review

Brokers and real estate agents assist with the review of commercial leases. However, they often do not have the knowledge of the laws related to commercial leasing.

At M C Hall & Associates, we have hands-on experience in the review of commercial leases. Whether you are leasing shopping center space, office space or land, the smallest mistake in word choice could be costly to your business enterprise. The property owner's attorney likely prepared the lease, so you should have counsel advising you on the details of your commercial lease.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney regarding commercial leases, please contact us by e-mail or call us at 415-512-9865.