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“The ESP program is lucky to have a gentleman of your experience in the landlord-tenant area . . .”

Thomas Best, Attorney at Law, San Francisco
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“You have graciously accepted several cases for us and settled them! Know that we deeply appreciate your contribution to our program!”

Sandy Harris Michel, The Bar Association of San Francisco
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“Mr. Hall successfully caused my problem tenant to vacate without a trial and without any settlement pay-off”

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Mr. Hall proved to be so knowledgeable and so practical that I - an admitted control freak--was actually able to "turn it over to his capable hands" and actually start sleeping at night during a very nervewracking period. What's that worth to you?! To me it was a LOT.

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“Thanks again for you help. I will always enjoy the memory of your masterful cross of Mr. ___. It was a high point.”

Ed & May
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“Dear Mr Hall, Thankfully Ari's daughter recognized our predicament and found you.”

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“Dear Michael, Thank you for taking time in your busy schedule to answer the questions from our members, and sharing your knowledge.”

RM, Executive Director

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“By the way, thank you for helping Maureen, my friend Wayne's cousin, in the issues with her tenant/ex's eviction. I recommended you highly to her, especially your integrity and reputation in the field, your stringent billing practices and reasonable rates. I was greatly relieved to hear she followed up on my advice to her last time we met to call you.”